“I am impressed by the in-depth coverage of various geo-strategic and geo-economic aspects. Hearty Congratulations to the team of WISER WORLD for the platform. Keep up the good work!”

Hannah McHugh

PhD Scholar at School of Public Policy, University College of London

WISER WORLD provides in-depth & concise analyses on relevant and important issues and challenges facing the diplomatic and international community. The wide range of perspectives on the various topics makes it very interesting! Kudos to the writers and the extraordinary team of WISER WORLD for bringing out fresh and insightful bouquet of reflective commentaries.”

Dr Parama Sinha Palit

Adjunct Senior Fellow with RSIS, Singapore

“Thank you Wiser World for giving me this opportunity. I really had a great experience. This work experience really helped me to learn about various things such as how to do research work and also about different psychological disorders.”

Ishita Bansal

B.A. Psychology, Wilson College, Mumbai

“…was really a great working experience with Wiser World and especially with the team/mentors. Looking forward to working with you again in the future”

Lakshya Pokharna

B.Tech. Electronics and Communications, BIT Mesra

“My experience in working for Wiser World was great, and it was made even better by my mentor who made it possible for me to better my writing skills. The whole expression made me more knowledgeable, and helped me further my skills.”

Atlanta Choudhury

B.A. History (Hons), Delhi University

“My experience at Wiser World has been extremely beneficial and enjoyable for me. It has given me an outlet to write about topics that I am truly passionate about, nurtured my flair for writing, and has helped me articulate my knowledge of them….”

Annanya Guha

Former Intern

“….I was allowed to choose any topic I wanted and that really helped me explore topics that I would not be able to otherwise. I was also helped by my mentor as he helped me understand the criteria the articles need to meet, things I can include in my article which would be relevant to the current times etc. I could write about things that would not be allowed conventionally and hence I am quite happy”

Madhusree Dasgupta

B.A. Psychology, Loreto College, Calcutta University

“…indeed a great experience for me, I gained knowledge about writing, reading and being impartial while doing so. The platform provided by you to publish my articles boosted my confidence and I’m glad for that.”

Vaishali Jeswani

Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur

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Soumili Basu

B.A. Economics, Loreto College, Calcutta University

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Somya Garg

B.A. Economics, Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi

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B.A. Economics, University of Delhi

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B.A. (P) History and Political Science, University of Delhi

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Sukeerat Kaur Channi

B.A. Political Science, University of Delhi

“…great and really learning experience working with your team. I was always helped during the internship, notified about my mistakes and appreciated for my work.”

Vidhupriya Pandit

Former Intern