People are venting out their frustration against Facebook, on Facebook. Tweeting against Twitter. Putting up an angry picture on Instagram about how Instagram doesn’t play nice. And chatting on WhatsApp with family and friends, complaining about WhatsApp’s new privacy policies.

Sorry to call out the spade again and again, but do you really not see how pathetic and pointless that is?

Unless there are viable alternatives for you to switch to, whining about what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp does in terms of policies and business model, will be just that – whining.

You have signed up to use their services. If you wish to continue, you have to agree with whatever they come up with. You have a choice to leave. But no alternative to go to. And it is this conundrum that any private company with a monopoly in the market it operates shall capitalize. There are no ifs, nor buts here.

Seeing a lot of hullabaloo about WhatsApp’s new policies. Your this data will be shared. Your that data will be shared. But ask yourself. Is it really that surprising? When you click on a cute little link to find out when you will die, or how you will look like the opposite gender, are you not consenting to share your info already?

Here’s the thing you need to understand once and for all. In this digital age, everything you put up online is accessible by others. In some way or another. And privacy in this context is just a fancy word, with no real meaning, nor applicability.

The only thing you should be mindful about is whether or not you have something to hide. If yes, then you need to remove yourself from the online world completely. If no, then which app collects what data of you, shouldn’t bother you at all.

This is how the new world is. You are either in it. Or completely cut off. There is no middle ground. So, make up your mind. And stop whining about it.

Featured Illustration By: Glenn Harvey

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