China’s recent move for de-escalation was a massive swerve from its vehement actions, visible since last couple of weeks near the de facto border between India and China in Ladakh.

The world is facing a severe pandemic which is alleged to be “Made In China”. However, amid a disaster, we see incursions at Ladakh border (LAC) by Chinese troops which projects the objective of Beijing to expand its territory and economy as well, when the whole world is thriving to heal itself from a strike by an “invisible enemy”.

Till now we have seen a series of face-offs near LAC in Ladakh between both the troops. Reports have been mentioning intrusions by the Chinese troops in the Galwan River on the North of Pangong Tso, and perhaps at Hot Springs in Chang Chenmo River (a tributary of the Shyok river), and at Demchok. These Increase in military activities, positioning of helicopters (Chinook Helicopters spotted) along the 3,488 km long LAC have made local villagers as well as citizens of both the sides to speculate something terrifying. We did hear Chinese media putting allegations on New Delhi for blocking People’s Liberation Army (PLAs) patrols whereas, same allegations have been reiterated by Indian media as well as by the spokesperson of MEA Mr Anurag Shrivastava.

Historical Overview:

Amidst 1954, when Panchsheel document was signed proclaiming “Hindi Chini Bhai- Bhai” or one of the principle in the agreement was “mutual respect of each other’s borders” and still the situation worsened when China never walked the talk whereas on the other side it was under this pact where India officially accepted Tibet as China’s integral territory. In 1959 China refuses to accept the MC Mohan Line. 1993 was the year, the then prime minister P.V Narsimha Rao visits China and signs another agreement which was named “Peace And Tranquillity Agreement”. In 2002, both the neighbours signed an agreement to delineate in order to resolve border dispute within a reasonable time frame. Despite having signed number of agreements we had seen a 21 days standoff in Depsang plains in 2013, Doklam standoff in 2017 which was a 70 days long tussle, and now again we have a faceoff near the LAC. So the peaks and valleys betwixt the relations of both nations are distinctly evident.

Autocrat Under Influence :

Well, its crystal clear that President Xi Jinping is directly performing under the coercion of Communist Party Of China (CPC). As the term “China Dream” promoted by President Xi since 2013 which promises to recover and resolve all the territories of China by 2021 does not appear to be accomplished which has brought an immense compulsion over him to convince his performance to the Chinese, moreover CPC. President Xi has been trying to deflect the attention of the citizen of China and pump nationalist notion amongst the people and that’s the reason we see Chinese media, diplomats( who are being termed as wolf warriors, due to their aggressive appearance) even netizens attacking from all the sides.

Other Prospects For Dragon’s Belellicose near Ladakh And Other Corners Of The World:

  • The slowing GDP of China and its economy has been descending which plummeted more post COVID-19, though it tried to bring out an opportunity to become an imperium before the world recovers but the descending economy along with disturbances in Hongkong and glaring Taiwan has splashed water over its dreams. India remained the biggest market for China prior to the pandemic but the recent restrictions put forward by the Indian government over FDI rules may turn out as one of the possibilities of China’s retaliation near borders. Anyhow the countries after realizing Beijing’s negligence and non-transparent attitude have started closing their doors for “ Made In China” goods and services. The USA has virtually closed the American market for China, mentioned in its recently released strategic paper on 20th May. Europe is also in bad shape post-pandemic and is not in temper to tolerate China. Chinese themselves have assessed Anti- China global opinions. These circumstances might have made dragon to erase these patterns and put pressure on India and other countries.
  • Post Doklam standoff Chinese media has been comparing their equipments, weapons, aircrafts including those being supplied to Pakistan with India. There was an adverse reaction after the Doklam or Dolam crisis when China had two options either to escalate or to back off and it chose the second one. This is still bothering them especially the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).
  •  After the issuance of India’s new official map depicting POK as our own has also brought the Chinese as well as Islamabad under fury as they have witnessed their finances and hold over the region under threat.
  • Speeding up of infrastructure build-up near the Ladakh border (LAC) has brought an inferiority complex within the PLA as they want India to remain on backfoot. Even developing a civilian infrastructure like laying pipelines in Demchok village near Ladakh border (LAC) has also been objected by the Chinese in that area. These situations might have led PLA under CPC to escalate the conditions and intrude in our borders. Conceited China imagines India won’t retaliate after its win in the 1962 Sino-Indo war which was again launched when US and USSR were busy in the Cuban missile crisis. But China must recall 2017 Dolam standoff where it had to step back after Indian army’s staunch resistance. China’s actions are not always rhetoric but it tries to put pressure on the other side and flaunts its growing power over the region. If we analyze its move currently in the South China Sea it has been doing the same by destroying Vietnam’s boat, afterwards representing it as an accident.

Both the countries should respect the agreements signed in the past like Border Defense Cooperation Agreement (BDCA). But on the other side, India’s approach towards China should also be “Resolute On Borders, Reasonable In Diplomacy” which is the accurate move after analyzing the current situation. It’s the duty of our army to stay determined without any unnecessary political interference and simultaneously diplomatic warriors through available channels may play their role behind the scenes. India should also decide its allied partners who are like-minded sharing similar interests must come together against the despotism of a single nation trying to take over the new world order. While for now, India has decided not to back down along the Ladakh border (LAC) protecting the Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat-Beg Oldie bridge which once metalled shall provide as access for military mobilization. PM Modi, Ajit Doval (NSA) and Bipin Rawat (CDS) all the three have been tracking the issue keenly and on a priority basis.

Although recently, a Chinese envoy to India Sun Weidong said “Elephant And Dragon Can Dance Together” but still the situation on the ground remains the same and that’s why China, swerving from an uncaring dragon to a dancing dragon is yet treacherous.

Yash Dalvi


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