After UK left EU, a long time of three years of bartering still it has not yet decided how to end the trade and tension between the two, after a long time of agreeing to new rules for how to live, work and trade together the leaders are still negotiating over time to reach a deal after Brexit.

Let’s travel back to the past, what is actually Brexit is and why it’s catching the whole news at once. United Kingdom joining EEC (European economic community) in 1973 as a  predecessor to the European Union brings a lot of spilt. The Guardian wrote in an editorial on January 1, 1973 “ The journey into Europe will be bumpy and discordant.

A Quick Glimpse Into the Past Events Which Led to Brexit

During the WW1 and WW2, the European countries were also going through some conflicts in between them, slowly those conflicts turned out to be bloody wars. Simply, to rescue the neighbouring countries of Europe, EU comes into power with its founding members Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. European Union was originally the European Economic Community (EEC) created by the treaty of Paris in 1957. The United Kingdom joined in 1973. The main purpose of the European Union was to form a single European political entity and maintain a peaceful balance between all member countries with four basic freedoms regarding the transportation of goods, trade between member countries, common currency and free movement of people. In simpler terms, the EU consists of a group of European countries that acts as a single economic unit in the world economy.  EU provides a peaceful balance to the countries and help to make a stronger economy of each country and offers opportunities to rely on each other. However, the EU also strictly maintains some rules and regulation on these member countries.

When it comes to the UK leaving EU, there’s a lot of news going on. To cover the huge topic in a go, the understanding of UK and EU is a long but bumpy journey and is much important. The United Kingdom joined the EU for the better economic and peaceful life of the citizen. After two years of UK joining EU brings a debate around into two parties, one section of the UK were not really happy with the UK’s relationship with the EU.  According to that section of society, the EU has been a toxic issue in British politics. They always fear that the EU may hamper the sovereignty of the UK and also can bring fundamental conflict. Britain’s future with the EU had no luck, that was strongly believed by a larger section of society, also many citizens and politician were not happy with the rules and regulation imposed by the EU. Although the other half who were not very happy with the freedom that comes other Britain’s exit of EU, the youth of Britain is torn between their idea of what Britain could be and the reality of what it is. So to make a decision and end the debate and protest between the two parties of The United Kingdom, a referendum took place in 2016. On 23 June 2016, British citizens were called to cast their vote on the subject of the UK’s membership in the European Union that had a remarkable turnout of 72 per cent of the total electoral voted YES to the Brexit.

Xmas with Brexit Trade Deal

For the British and European Parliaments to ratify a trade agreement in an orderly fashion before the Brexit transition period expires on New Year’s Eve. The UK insists that it should trade with the bloc with as few restraints as possible. The EU demands that Britain stick to EU rules to ensure fair competition.

After the long discussions, talks and conference call about 90 minutes between the prime minister Boris Johnson and the president Ursula von der Leyen, with the spirit of Christmas 2020, EU and UK comes to finalize their situation with ‘a lose-lose situation’ the deal is about signed in December 31st 2020.  The  EU’S chief negotiator Michel Barnier express regret saying there is no winner in Brexit. Ursula has said, “parting is always bitter and sweet, after successful negotiation journey throughout Brexit, the deal has been made in the Xmas eve, I feel satisfaction and relief.” A bittersweet moment has emerged in the air of the UK. Although the youth are not happy with the whole idea of Brexit but the deal has been made which is better then no deal, if the deal did not happen the situation in the UK will be worst. The deal prevented some worst situation for the United Kingdom. So after this long time with lots of news, protest and discussion, along with the deal made, the UK has become a completely unchartered territory. Britain is free from the EU, and the European Union has lost a member from its union.  A lot of compromise from both sides made possible the Brexit trade deal.

The deal that has made between the UK and EU stated that European boat will still drop nets in British water, giving up only 25% of their catch quotas as fishing becomes the most important part of the economy of both also the Brexit trade deal.  Due to the Brexit deal, the EU is going to reduce quota as EU vessels can get in and the UK can go back. No tariffs or quotas on the movement of goods tariff-free or free trade as there are non-tariff barriers lots of from filling. So there will be no tariffs and quotas but some bureaucratic barriers to trade. There’s quite more stuff including the UK going to stay in certain EU’s programs, free movements of person will be removed along with goods and services, also the Brexit deal does not provide financial equivalence to UK’s economy. After all this there will be a partnership council is going to take over.

After the Brexit deal the leaders of both UK and EU on the positive side of maintaining the strong relationship between the both UK and EU, also looking forward to more stability and certainty towards a new beginning with a new security and trade deal post Brexit, which runs to 2,000 pages. 

Dimpal Pathak

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